Friday, February 29, 2008

american hegemony

Once again america has proved that its foreign policy is going to prove disastrous not only to itself but to whole world.its support to kosovo's unileteral independence announcement without UNO involvement, its clear backing to isreal unjust towards palestine,more so its interferance worldwide even against international community etc takes this world at the helm of disorder & chaos. After the cold war(in which soviet russia broke down) and gulf war right from around 1991 we are living in a unipolar world in which balance of power is difficult to maintain. Though russia and china from the helm of UNSC consistently tried to restrict american hegemony with the support of significant developing countries like India, but till now they didn't succeed in neither transforming the shape and process of UNO & WB (world bank), nor in containing the evil steps of america under the garb of institutions like NATO. Developing countries especially asian and african must have to organise itself so as to place united front before western countries led by USA, in international forums for their common good.