Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Future of IPL

Lets share some experience of 6th season of IPL. This time as well with much more intensity IPL caught in the dust of controversy. Whether it is the case of match fixing or connection of players with bookies, or the case of an assault of a foreigner against a  player, or SRK's drama in wankhede stadium , or something else these things marred the event by giving disrepute to the overall game of cricket. I am a big fan of the intensity, exitement and energy this T-20 format of game has. But all these shouldn't come at the price of faith and emotions of viewers. It is said in INDIA that cricket and films unite the diverse physical and cultural aspect prevailed in length and breadth of the country. People lives these things more than their life. Just for this reason i questioned the way IPL keeps the cricketing away from cricket lovers. It merely becomes a money game which is largely appreciated by those who is benefitting from it and criticised by those who have to remain out of this behti ganga. Such conditions generally create political atmosphere, i am sure which keeps playing alongside cricket. As we all know that, where there is money and the chance to misappropriate it politics reside . But one thing is also experienced that such system has a low life expectancy as compared to the one which is having the support and faith of people at large. So i hope the organisers would take some self regulatory step in time, that will command the future of IPL.