Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dream Australia..

Many youngsters in our country have a dream to educate or settle down in countries like US, UK or say Australia. There is a heartbreaking news for them... in one of their vacancy ad, they wrote - Indians or asians are not allowed. Doesn't it sounds like the derogatory colonial statement - "Dogs and indians aren't allowed". This is shocking for those so called developed countries who on the one hand call themselves mother of democracy and have a crusade against anti-democratic regime, while in realty manifest such discriminatory attitude towards fellow people. Shame on them! all this when it is quite clear that how important asian people are for their economy. This incident isn't new for Australia, students are suffering very much due to this racial tendency for the last many years. Even then governments of both the countries aren't able to lessen the problems or fear of students that now become part of their daily life. Now question arises what should we do to overcome this situation. I think we should collectively boycott or outcast those countries for educational, employment or tourism purpose. This way they have to face a huge dent or loss in their economy. We all know how important is our technical or professional brigade are for these countries. Ultimately they wouldn't digest such loss and feel the importance of our community. This is a globalized world in which every people have the right to move and settle down in every other country, which is promoted by these very countries who are now moving on the negative front. Now question is how we should mould (through positive international relations) our attitude so that we are respected world over and also we are able to absorb as far as we can our future educated population in our own country?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Best wishes....

Congratulations  INDIA, we win the under-19 world cup cricket tournament. Seriously i am happy that future of Indian cricket is in safe hands. But i was, thinking, why is it possible for india to perform fantastically well in the under19 team, and have to beg before god for the senior team? For that i mention one thing that india got the world championship title after 28 years in the senior category. Isn’t it somewhat strange. I know  team india has many feathers in its cap, and is considered one of the best team in the world. But we all suffer very often from its inconsistency and uncertainty. All agree! Now i want to mention some differences that exist between both the levels of team. On the one hand, senior team and management is under the hands of much big political  and politically inspired bosses and have unlimited flow of money and perks, on the other hand, the under-19 team is not under that much fanfare. Commercial ads and recently started IPL culture, distort the concentration and level of hard work that is required at  international cricket. Many a times we saw how members of team india escape the practice session for silly things and eagerly enjoy the company of bollywood stars, full of publicity and limelight. May be I am getting too harsh in analyzing their performances, but i am sure that there must be something in it, which really work against INDIA. Or may be if the players just increase the level of sincerity with the spirit of real cricketing than INDIA(considering its potential and huge talent base)could be invincible team in the world . Question is why at the senior level team india do not maintain the level and competence that it show at the junior level? Think about it……

Monday, August 20, 2012

what a joke!

Country which is known for its unity and diversity whose cultural traits always shows sign of tolerance, assimilation and fraternity, people after thousands of year fight among themselves just due to difference in the way they worship or have faith in god,......what a joke! all this lecture to remember india's past and its cultural significance is because of the incident taken place in assam and its reaction in mumbai recently. What happens in assam is because of its own political problems, problems which have direct connection with mass politics in india. since after independence assam is marred with the insurgence of refugees( or say illegal immigrants) from bangladesh,  more so with the complete support of state political bosses, just for the sake of some assured electoral advantages. All this disturb the social and economical fibre of the state. Which transformed the once peaceful environment of assam into a distubed area. So the point is that, the riot which held recently in assam is completely due to these factors and have no relation with religion. by saying this i am not justifyng the violence as that was completely out of order and must have no place in a civilised society,... political problems must have political solutions. but the reaction shown by members of raza academy in azad maidan, mumbai, was much more disappointing . Firstly, support shown for the illegal immigrants in the name of religion was a complete non sense, if they feel more for them in place of our own countrymen then they should go there and live happily. Secondly, the manner they behave in the meeting was much more provocative, taking flag of pakistan in hands, attacking monument of amar jawan, (these photos are easily available in facebook)and overall violence was completely non responsible attitude. These incidents are not new in india, these opportunist call themselves minority at the time of taking benefits and showing, their musle power at other time.I believe that such incident must be seen just as law and order problem created by some antisocial element of society not as a reaction of a particular community. But it is easy saying then done. In a democratic society every citizen has the right to express his mind and behave according, but it has to be seen along with the duties enshrined in the constitution itself. I don't know that the threatening sms sent to the people of northeast community in some cities are send by people residing  inside or outside india, but it is clear that such incidents are very unfortunate as it hurt the very basis of our cultural and social significance over which we always feel an edge over western countries. So we must admit one thing before reacting over such incident that, india as and will remain a multicultural society, hence we should always try to behave in a manner that make our life much better and environment more cordial. Overreacting upon nonsense things is a complete waste of time and energy as it retard the pace of development that ultimately matters in a society having such a high level of inequality and poverty.

Sunday, August 5, 2012


I don’t know how to respond in the scenario that has come with the decision taken by the team anna to tackle the problems of Indian politics by coming into politics itself, ie contesting elections. This decision could prima facie be seen as weakening or say failure of the movement taken up by team anna. Or could be taken as the victory of government’s  passive response to the movement against corruption taken up by anna hazare.
                                                     Why such a situation arises that compelled the movement to come at such a stage that enable  one of the most successful movement a  sudden demise?  From democratic point of view this  movement really amaze the whole country from their stand against one of the most dreaded problem of INDIA, ie against widespread corruption and taking black money back into its source country. Due to such a common concern which the  people have been facing long enough and which not only affect their individual life but the basis of Indian economy and administration as well, this movement receive massive response from the masses. Everyone has started taking interest in the strategy and tactics adopted by team anna, to compel the government to pass jan lokpal bill as they all know that the struggle is not easy and the opponent is not weak. But since the demands were so revolutionary which have the potential to transform the very nature of Indian politics, it hurt majority of politicians either ruling or opposition, and so for the government, amending something which is self destructionary,  seems quite impractical.   Hence finally somehow without concerning the feelings of common public government took usual political stand upon such important matters, ie they took action of inaction.
                                                      Now question arises that whether team anna would be able to steer over the situation and get some success in the forthcoming election? It will be a new beginning, if it would happen as people really get a chance to enthusiastically participate in election and have a different alternative as it would be a people’s party. But if they fail to maintain the tempo of the movement and  to maintain the integrity of the party(that would probably the case under lose integration and plural leadership) it proves to be an end of the hope that is generated initially by a simple man who is called anna.

My small Journey

I have just returned from a trip. Though it cover some important religious and tourist destinations, i am not satisfied with the condition or say state of tourism in INDIA. Firstly i want to share my experiences from religious places like haridwar and rishikesh. Though it is supposed that we move these places to feel some peace and calmness, seldom we find such rare things, specially in these places. Lets take an example of famous har ki poudi ghat and temple in haridwar. I found there that sacred river ganga which is supposed to wash all our sins have to digest tonnes of offerings, which due to its amount and content definitely create indigestion to river ganga, which people feel when they see it in further plain areas like BIHAR AND BENGAL. Every where worship has become commercialized, whether you want to take stuffs for offering or the service of panda(as pandits are normally called in such places), you have to face the same situation as you are in a road side marketplace, bargaining, competition among vendors, greed of taking as much as possible from the jajmans . Whether it is haridwar or rishikesh it is same everywhere, but i must say one thing that whatever may be the condition, INDIA because of its great cultural and religious significance, show signs of its greatness here and there. We could easily find such places and people, whose visit and talk give us immense pleasure, calm and peace, as the one i found in a place called triveni ghat in rishikesh, it is beautiful with the presence of magestic river ganga it become serene and sacred. What i say about the beauty of mussoorie(which is rightly called as queen of hills), though it was somewhat difficult to reach there as roads are not as good as my expectation, but the surroundings you saw never make you feel bad about anything else. As you reach there, if you want to stay in the celebrated mallroad, you have to take help of local rikshaw, as taxis aren't allowed in it,  after covering around a km,  you could easily saw men standing around to take your luggage as after that even rikshaw wouldn't be able to move due to its elevation. And believe me their hard work and resonable charge facinate you completely. This is destiny as the place where people come for their enjoyment and recreation, is filled with people having very harsh reality of their life, since due to terrain and other physical barriers they have little avenues to support them. whatever, their spirit make you believe that it happens only in india that whatever may be the condition people always try to look into the brighter side and believe in being happy. This feeling also gives you pleasure when you return home that the country which we called INDIA is and will remain really unique just because of its people and its cultural spirit.