Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dream Australia..

Many youngsters in our country have a dream to educate or settle down in countries like US, UK or say Australia. There is a heartbreaking news for them... in one of their vacancy ad, they wrote - Indians or asians are not allowed. Doesn't it sounds like the derogatory colonial statement - "Dogs and indians aren't allowed". This is shocking for those so called developed countries who on the one hand call themselves mother of democracy and have a crusade against anti-democratic regime, while in realty manifest such discriminatory attitude towards fellow people. Shame on them! all this when it is quite clear that how important asian people are for their economy. This incident isn't new for Australia, students are suffering very much due to this racial tendency for the last many years. Even then governments of both the countries aren't able to lessen the problems or fear of students that now become part of their daily life. Now question arises what should we do to overcome this situation. I think we should collectively boycott or outcast those countries for educational, employment or tourism purpose. This way they have to face a huge dent or loss in their economy. We all know how important is our technical or professional brigade are for these countries. Ultimately they wouldn't digest such loss and feel the importance of our community. This is a globalized world in which every people have the right to move and settle down in every other country, which is promoted by these very countries who are now moving on the negative front. Now question is how we should mould (through positive international relations) our attitude so that we are respected world over and also we are able to absorb as far as we can our future educated population in our own country?

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