Sunday, August 5, 2012

My small Journey

I have just returned from a trip. Though it cover some important religious and tourist destinations, i am not satisfied with the condition or say state of tourism in INDIA. Firstly i want to share my experiences from religious places like haridwar and rishikesh. Though it is supposed that we move these places to feel some peace and calmness, seldom we find such rare things, specially in these places. Lets take an example of famous har ki poudi ghat and temple in haridwar. I found there that sacred river ganga which is supposed to wash all our sins have to digest tonnes of offerings, which due to its amount and content definitely create indigestion to river ganga, which people feel when they see it in further plain areas like BIHAR AND BENGAL. Every where worship has become commercialized, whether you want to take stuffs for offering or the service of panda(as pandits are normally called in such places), you have to face the same situation as you are in a road side marketplace, bargaining, competition among vendors, greed of taking as much as possible from the jajmans . Whether it is haridwar or rishikesh it is same everywhere, but i must say one thing that whatever may be the condition, INDIA because of its great cultural and religious significance, show signs of its greatness here and there. We could easily find such places and people, whose visit and talk give us immense pleasure, calm and peace, as the one i found in a place called triveni ghat in rishikesh, it is beautiful with the presence of magestic river ganga it become serene and sacred. What i say about the beauty of mussoorie(which is rightly called as queen of hills), though it was somewhat difficult to reach there as roads are not as good as my expectation, but the surroundings you saw never make you feel bad about anything else. As you reach there, if you want to stay in the celebrated mallroad, you have to take help of local rikshaw, as taxis aren't allowed in it,  after covering around a km,  you could easily saw men standing around to take your luggage as after that even rikshaw wouldn't be able to move due to its elevation. And believe me their hard work and resonable charge facinate you completely. This is destiny as the place where people come for their enjoyment and recreation, is filled with people having very harsh reality of their life, since due to terrain and other physical barriers they have little avenues to support them. whatever, their spirit make you believe that it happens only in india that whatever may be the condition people always try to look into the brighter side and believe in being happy. This feeling also gives you pleasure when you return home that the country which we called INDIA is and will remain really unique just because of its people and its cultural spirit.

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