Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Welcome 2010…….happy new year……… many hopes ……….so many wishes. Who is there to fulfill these aspirations…….isn’t it is unanswerable. Absolutely correct this question is not easy to answer. Because there are so many people who places relevant questions before global community , there are people who understand the significance and importance of such questions , but there is nobody(especially those who are in the helm of affairs) who take responsibility for some positive change, for some affirmative actions, which give impetus to the concept of sustainable development with some inclusiveness and social justice. People knows very well that there need & greed put heavy pressure upon resource endowment of environment and deteriorate its pristine purity, they know that sustainability of atmosphere is in danger, infact they know that future of this planet is going to lost its existence ,even then they are engaged in focusing on their present only which is completely laden with consumeristic & materialistic responsibilities. Why this apathy towards our own humanity....why. Monistic & unnecessary competition of luxury completely transform the lives of people.People really starts believing that luxurious style of life is the only motive for a man's life.Only way to achieve satisfaction in life is to earn(by any way) as much as possible. Most unfortunate among this which completely shattered the hopes of some positive change, is general acceptance among people about this feeling in society.Most drastic of this is general acceptance of corruption in society(ie the way to earn money by whatever means possible) . Everybody is engaged in taking advantage of their position for personal benefits, disregarding their official duties & responsibilities. And society in place of putting social restraints , rules ,& ethics which really define its cultural traits ; giving respect to undeserved corrupt people who have amass of wealth. Such cases are seen very often. Whole system is collaborating in this insane act of inhumanity. Such cases if somehow exposed, got to be submerged in the gorge of corruption & irregularities.Everybody know about this nexus between politician , administrators, businessmen,& criminals; unfortunately legal system with their ineffectiveness, inactions , & procedural rigidities encourage this nexus to grow indiscriminately. This need to be breakdown if not possible through systematic manner then through some kind revolution by the sufferers(ie the mass), this is bound to happen. History could be taken as evident in this regard. Not a single system flourish too long disregarding the rights of its common people . That saturation point is very near & is quite visible.