Monday, March 10, 2008


Life is getting more & more complex these days. Everybody is facing many kinds of dilemma. What to do when we have to choose between so & so? almost in every decision we have to review many time from this point of view. Sometimes i feel distressed from such irrationality. Where has gone our peace of mind? Human being has crossed its limit. In the race of becoming omnipotent, it has lost its mental aptitude. It has been so much engaged in its own sphere of influence that nobody beyond this is going to change its pace & intent. Even nobody is allowed to come in between him & that unending search of growth & prosperity. Definitely in this blind competition the loser is the man itself, in the ultimate end. Unfortunately the victim is that 'nature'
which is the mother of each & every creature including us. However nature has its own way of balancing everything, whether through constructive activities (which in our term is called natural disaster) or through self suffering (which it has been doing till now) latter is obviously short lived. Just imagine a world which is more safer, more egalitarian, more satiate, more ethical, more humane,& more value oriented. Progress towards such a world begins upon the base of a sentimental & emotional society in which people are mutually bounded to each other not only through dependence but through love & affection. This is the real path of peace & happiness.

Friday, March 7, 2008

world order

everywhere there is chaos . Israel is stubbornly creating a situation,which can only be solved politically , diplomatically inviting Palestinians both fatah & hamas on equal footing on talks without any condition. respecting each others statehood, human rights, civilian livelihood etc must be the founding stone upon which progress is possible. everybody know the limit of arms in such matters,then why people don't try to understand this? why they are celebrating deaths of each others deaths? countries which are supporting such menace are pathetic in itself because they are destroying their future themselves.