Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everything have some positive aspect inherent in it. Do you think that mumbai terror attacks fits this statement? confused ,but i think it has. Actually it is not that i haven't realized the pain of terror victims & survivors of this attack, of course it is true to some extent. But my point is this that such event at least have the potential to bring some revolution kind of change. But in a situation in which INDIA is there nothing could be said like this,it might be possible that like other terror incidents( mumbai train blast, parliament attack to name a few) after some time this attack becomes history,& nothing would change. But it is also true that history is full of such incidents which creates revolutions. Actually such incidents are only medium to reach saturation level which is in real accumulation of past events. Passing of pendleton act in USA to bring merit system in recruitment in place of spoil system, use of beef & pigs fat in cartridge of enfield rifle during colonial rule in INDIA in 1857, pathetic condition of balance of payment position in INDIA around 1991 etc,every such event brought some change which is progressive to humankind. I am actually hoping such kind of change ,this time in india. May be i am hoping somewhat more. Which is quite visible from present scenerio. Actually problem in INDIA is slightly more complex. Social development in INDIA is not well enough to expect from people a kind of awareness in proper perspective. Reason behind this are many. Mixed community, low level of literacy, religious backwardness & related high level of intolerance in society, rising inequality(social, economic,political,etc), colonial history etc.,are some of them. All this in turn brought corrupt political & administrative culture to nurture & flourish. These are some of factors behind present condition of INDIA. Now coming to the point, i think mumbai terror attack deserve the attention of the kind of events which bring revolutions, by attacking one of the finest heritage of india at the heart of commercial capital is a challenge before people & government. Terrorism have no faith & religion. It must be tackled with an effective system & required coordination(lack of which is the main culprit behind many such incidents), above politics with unity & compositeness. This time taking direct action against terrorist camps operated in POK is not a bad decision as it is in tune with peoples desire & expectation and INDIA's reach & reputation.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New society

New is a quite confusing word, especially when it is applied to any human aspects . Giving or predicting anything about human nature, behaviour, action etc, & justifying its universal validity is even more arrogant. I believe that human being is one of the most complicated creature of this earth, about which it is very hard to theorise. It is now considered a fact that, we are now living in the ultimate stage of human civilisation . Complex society,economy,polity,etc is well accepted. Whatever energy we are putting in growth & development, & whatever gains we fetch out of it, is counterproductively have to apply to neutralise the degradation & deterioration come out of the same. The only thing it really creates is inequality & inequity among human being in society, in this process of resource redistribution. Neo- colonialism,through neo-liberal economic & social principles, that are real & widespread exportation of developed world to non developed majority is quite influencing & have real & definite affect in society. Consumerism & consumptive culture in present society is conspicuous. Easy finance facility(especially for prime custumers),improving salary sturcture(even with inflationary impact) under the influence & presence of big multinational companies, unhealthy competition among people in the race of money money & money, is seen everywhere. Only reason behind study is to make oneself compatible & worthful for this modelof development. Human values, humanitarian principles, concern for family, society, & nature are considered primitive, &  people having these in his perception are out of league. Indian values, culture & principles are used only by politcians, religious leaders, etc to fulfill their ulterior motives,& also by people when have any crisis of identity .This face of human society is quite embaressing & futile. One day i am sure in everybody's life 'realisation' make them think beyond this material attraction & understand their existence in the process of self actualisation.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Large hydron collider is expected to address some of the most fundamental questions of physics advancing human understanding of the deepest laws of nature related to human origin.
Experiments conducted (by CERN in France) in the name of discovering reasons behind origin of universe , by putting enormous amount of resourses is foolish. we must realise that some question are out of human understanding, like what to happen after death & so on? search of god to justify its existence is one such mistery. answering this & theorising various path to achieve god, divide whole human society, make various sects & religion. was'nt this senseless & irrelevant! it is much better if that much resource (which is now feeding such scientist) , be put for some worthfull purpose like feeding & sheltering hungery & homeless. for this these opulent countries provide loans , that too with conditionalities and chosing their political interest. what a apathetic attitude?

Monday, March 10, 2008


Life is getting more & more complex these days. Everybody is facing many kinds of dilemma. What to do when we have to choose between so & so? almost in every decision we have to review many time from this point of view. Sometimes i feel distressed from such irrationality. Where has gone our peace of mind? Human being has crossed its limit. In the race of becoming omnipotent, it has lost its mental aptitude. It has been so much engaged in its own sphere of influence that nobody beyond this is going to change its pace & intent. Even nobody is allowed to come in between him & that unending search of growth & prosperity. Definitely in this blind competition the loser is the man itself, in the ultimate end. Unfortunately the victim is that 'nature'
which is the mother of each & every creature including us. However nature has its own way of balancing everything, whether through constructive activities (which in our term is called natural disaster) or through self suffering (which it has been doing till now) latter is obviously short lived. Just imagine a world which is more safer, more egalitarian, more satiate, more ethical, more humane,& more value oriented. Progress towards such a world begins upon the base of a sentimental & emotional society in which people are mutually bounded to each other not only through dependence but through love & affection. This is the real path of peace & happiness.

Friday, March 7, 2008

world order

everywhere there is chaos . Israel is stubbornly creating a situation,which can only be solved politically , diplomatically inviting Palestinians both fatah & hamas on equal footing on talks without any condition. respecting each others statehood, human rights, civilian livelihood etc must be the founding stone upon which progress is possible. everybody know the limit of arms in such matters,then why people don't try to understand this? why they are celebrating deaths of each others deaths? countries which are supporting such menace are pathetic in itself because they are destroying their future themselves.

Friday, February 29, 2008

american hegemony

Once again america has proved that its foreign policy is going to prove disastrous not only to itself but to whole world.its support to kosovo's unileteral independence announcement without UNO involvement, its clear backing to isreal unjust towards palestine,more so its interferance worldwide even against international community etc takes this world at the helm of disorder & chaos. After the cold war(in which soviet russia broke down) and gulf war right from around 1991 we are living in a unipolar world in which balance of power is difficult to maintain. Though russia and china from the helm of UNSC consistently tried to restrict american hegemony with the support of significant developing countries like India, but till now they didn't succeed in neither transforming the shape and process of UNO & WB (world bank), nor in containing the evil steps of america under the garb of institutions like NATO. Developing countries especially asian and african must have to organise itself so as to place united front before western countries led by USA, in international forums for their common good.