Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New society

New is a quite confusing word, especially when it is applied to any human aspects . Giving or predicting anything about human nature, behaviour, action etc, & justifying its universal validity is even more arrogant. I believe that human being is one of the most complicated creature of this earth, about which it is very hard to theorise. It is now considered a fact that, we are now living in the ultimate stage of human civilisation . Complex society,economy,polity,etc is well accepted. Whatever energy we are putting in growth & development, & whatever gains we fetch out of it, is counterproductively have to apply to neutralise the degradation & deterioration come out of the same. The only thing it really creates is inequality & inequity among human being in society, in this process of resource redistribution. Neo- colonialism,through neo-liberal economic & social principles, that are real & widespread exportation of developed world to non developed majority is quite influencing & have real & definite affect in society. Consumerism & consumptive culture in present society is conspicuous. Easy finance facility(especially for prime custumers),improving salary sturcture(even with inflationary impact) under the influence & presence of big multinational companies, unhealthy competition among people in the race of money money & money, is seen everywhere. Only reason behind study is to make oneself compatible & worthful for this modelof development. Human values, humanitarian principles, concern for family, society, & nature are considered primitive, &  people having these in his perception are out of league. Indian values, culture & principles are used only by politcians, religious leaders, etc to fulfill their ulterior motives,& also by people when have any crisis of identity .This face of human society is quite embaressing & futile. One day i am sure in everybody's life 'realisation' make them think beyond this material attraction & understand their existence in the process of self actualisation.

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