Friday, July 29, 2011

Indian Diversity

We all know about the diverse nature of our country. 'Unity in diversity' is the stereotype tagline which we are confronting with from the very beginning of the dawn of independent INDIA . But rarely we think about the real nature of diversity, its role and consequence, in our politico-administrative circles. This diversity fills color and sense to our cultural heritage, otherwise it wouldn't of such beauty. This diversity signify the age of INDIAN civilization, which is thousands of year old. This diversity proofs the strength of INDIAN philosophy, which because of its inherent features of tolerance, brotherhood, love & respect for all, proudly represent the foundation of this country. Though this privilege comes with many side effects, we still believe that diversity is nature's nature . Among the many negativities, we are focusing here, mainly upon the communalism and regionalism. These problems are not unique to INDIA. Where ever such conditions exist these evil aspects come out of the veil. Even having such a mix of races, ethnicities, etc INDIA haven't shown such inclination towards communalism, as it shows with the arrival of Britishers in INDIA with there evil motives of divide and rule. Similarly emergence of democratic principles which is based on mass politics also gives necessary energy for this monster to grow and play havoc in society. Now the latter cause have the dominance over both the problems of modern communalism and regionalism, which definitely have a close relation with socio-cultural backwardness and prevailing inequality and poverty in INDIA. It is well understood that without the basic level of satisfaction(due to either lack of opportunities or capabilities), it is more to expect brotherhood and tolerance specially from underprivileged section of society. Recently we have seen how in the garb of sheer politics, identity sensitive people of maharashtra were incited against the fellow citizens of MUMBAI (specially poor people from UP, BIHAR, etc.). Any responsible citizen couldn't endorse such action. We all basically at least now, (after incidents of babri masjid, gujrat riot, etc.) understand that these tactics are only to gain some short term political mileage in this competitive world. I am placing a challenge, could the party or leaders involved behind such action, have the courage to give a written assurance that they will washout the city of MUMBAI from the inauspicious feet of north INDIAN once and for all. I am giving an example in this regard, some years ago BGP form a government at the centre with the commitment to its followers and RSS, VHP, etc to build RAM temple at Ayoudhya, but couldn't fulfil it finally. WHY,..... just because forming government and running it is a totally different thing. When you come at a responsible position, you would have to take many together, have to answer the whole country(or say people), even international community in this globalized world.What ultimately matters is development, which some state government followed in the states of GUJRAT, BIHAR, and MP, and become the face of their party. I wonder Why, our leaders don't understand this phenomena. Why they are still try to run their political career on the issues of communalism, regionalism, reservation, identity issue, language, etc. Now when every member of society want to grow, to become a part of booming INDIAN economy, and equally obsessed with growing inequality, our leaders waste time in politicizing each and every matter(blamegame). Why don't they invest their crucial time, in trying to give people more transparent, responsive, and sensitive government, that have the mission to provide people the much needed opportunity to rise from the ruins of social & economic backwardness, towards the future of transformation and development. A step which ultimately led the foundation of egalitarian society.