Thursday, December 18, 2008

Everything have some positive aspect inherent in it. Do you think that mumbai terror attacks fits this statement? confused ,but i think it has. Actually it is not that i haven't realized the pain of terror victims & survivors of this attack, of course it is true to some extent. But my point is this that such event at least have the potential to bring some revolution kind of change. But in a situation in which INDIA is there nothing could be said like this,it might be possible that like other terror incidents( mumbai train blast, parliament attack to name a few) after some time this attack becomes history,& nothing would change. But it is also true that history is full of such incidents which creates revolutions. Actually such incidents are only medium to reach saturation level which is in real accumulation of past events. Passing of pendleton act in USA to bring merit system in recruitment in place of spoil system, use of beef & pigs fat in cartridge of enfield rifle during colonial rule in INDIA in 1857, pathetic condition of balance of payment position in INDIA around 1991 etc,every such event brought some change which is progressive to humankind. I am actually hoping such kind of change ,this time in india. May be i am hoping somewhat more. Which is quite visible from present scenerio. Actually problem in INDIA is slightly more complex. Social development in INDIA is not well enough to expect from people a kind of awareness in proper perspective. Reason behind this are many. Mixed community, low level of literacy, religious backwardness & related high level of intolerance in society, rising inequality(social, economic,political,etc), colonial history etc.,are some of them. All this in turn brought corrupt political & administrative culture to nurture & flourish. These are some of factors behind present condition of INDIA. Now coming to the point, i think mumbai terror attack deserve the attention of the kind of events which bring revolutions, by attacking one of the finest heritage of india at the heart of commercial capital is a challenge before people & government. Terrorism have no faith & religion. It must be tackled with an effective system & required coordination(lack of which is the main culprit behind many such incidents), above politics with unity & compositeness. This time taking direct action against terrorist camps operated in POK is not a bad decision as it is in tune with peoples desire & expectation and INDIA's reach & reputation.

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