Sunday, September 13, 2009

It's been long time. Somewhat delinked from the world scenerio, i realised that nothing big has changed. Terror attacks, people plight, environmental degradation, ever increasing greed...nothing has changed. Political system whether in India or elsewhere have similar excuses about contemporary disorder in society, be it political,economical,social or some other. Administrative apathy towards the public,for which this institution was supposed to be created, as the nomenclature 'public servant' suggest, is still same. So what should we do now? still wait for something miraculous to happen or taking some energetic initiative in this regard. I think latter is somewhat forward looking, dynamic & unique. Leaving our future completely in the hands of corrupt system hoping something good to happen is at least now not tolerable. looking with a died eye into the grim condition of non priveleged and vulnerables isn't enough . We must have to do something on our part to make their life somewhat better. This is the only way to satisfy our inner self in the long run. Bye for now... think about this

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