Monday, August 20, 2012

what a joke!

Country which is known for its unity and diversity whose cultural traits always shows sign of tolerance, assimilation and fraternity, people after thousands of year fight among themselves just due to difference in the way they worship or have faith in god,......what a joke! all this lecture to remember india's past and its cultural significance is because of the incident taken place in assam and its reaction in mumbai recently. What happens in assam is because of its own political problems, problems which have direct connection with mass politics in india. since after independence assam is marred with the insurgence of refugees( or say illegal immigrants) from bangladesh,  more so with the complete support of state political bosses, just for the sake of some assured electoral advantages. All this disturb the social and economical fibre of the state. Which transformed the once peaceful environment of assam into a distubed area. So the point is that, the riot which held recently in assam is completely due to these factors and have no relation with religion. by saying this i am not justifyng the violence as that was completely out of order and must have no place in a civilised society,... political problems must have political solutions. but the reaction shown by members of raza academy in azad maidan, mumbai, was much more disappointing . Firstly, support shown for the illegal immigrants in the name of religion was a complete non sense, if they feel more for them in place of our own countrymen then they should go there and live happily. Secondly, the manner they behave in the meeting was much more provocative, taking flag of pakistan in hands, attacking monument of amar jawan, (these photos are easily available in facebook)and overall violence was completely non responsible attitude. These incidents are not new in india, these opportunist call themselves minority at the time of taking benefits and showing, their musle power at other time.I believe that such incident must be seen just as law and order problem created by some antisocial element of society not as a reaction of a particular community. But it is easy saying then done. In a democratic society every citizen has the right to express his mind and behave according, but it has to be seen along with the duties enshrined in the constitution itself. I don't know that the threatening sms sent to the people of northeast community in some cities are send by people residing  inside or outside india, but it is clear that such incidents are very unfortunate as it hurt the very basis of our cultural and social significance over which we always feel an edge over western countries. So we must admit one thing before reacting over such incident that, india as and will remain a multicultural society, hence we should always try to behave in a manner that make our life much better and environment more cordial. Overreacting upon nonsense things is a complete waste of time and energy as it retard the pace of development that ultimately matters in a society having such a high level of inequality and poverty.

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