Sunday, August 5, 2012


I don’t know how to respond in the scenario that has come with the decision taken by the team anna to tackle the problems of Indian politics by coming into politics itself, ie contesting elections. This decision could prima facie be seen as weakening or say failure of the movement taken up by team anna. Or could be taken as the victory of government’s  passive response to the movement against corruption taken up by anna hazare.
                                                     Why such a situation arises that compelled the movement to come at such a stage that enable  one of the most successful movement a  sudden demise?  From democratic point of view this  movement really amaze the whole country from their stand against one of the most dreaded problem of INDIA, ie against widespread corruption and taking black money back into its source country. Due to such a common concern which the  people have been facing long enough and which not only affect their individual life but the basis of Indian economy and administration as well, this movement receive massive response from the masses. Everyone has started taking interest in the strategy and tactics adopted by team anna, to compel the government to pass jan lokpal bill as they all know that the struggle is not easy and the opponent is not weak. But since the demands were so revolutionary which have the potential to transform the very nature of Indian politics, it hurt majority of politicians either ruling or opposition, and so for the government, amending something which is self destructionary,  seems quite impractical.   Hence finally somehow without concerning the feelings of common public government took usual political stand upon such important matters, ie they took action of inaction.
                                                      Now question arises that whether team anna would be able to steer over the situation and get some success in the forthcoming election? It will be a new beginning, if it would happen as people really get a chance to enthusiastically participate in election and have a different alternative as it would be a people’s party. But if they fail to maintain the tempo of the movement and  to maintain the integrity of the party(that would probably the case under lose integration and plural leadership) it proves to be an end of the hope that is generated initially by a simple man who is called anna.

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