Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lovely India...

Fed up with similar news, something about politics, corruption, problems of downtrodden Indians, etc; I thought today we shall try to explore the positive features of Indian society. India, when this word sounds, first thing which comes in our mind is its being ancient, its huge population and problems basically related to it. Now when we compare it to other countries of the world, India is really a very ancient country having diversity in its physical and cultural traits. Its colonial experience placed barrier in overall progress of socioeconomic aspects, political and other modern developments. Even then when we look upon India, we can clearly and distinctly found it very rich in some very important aspect of life. In India we conspicuously find family values filled with love and respect, which western countries are dying to develop in real sense for their social life. Respect for and believe in god and general spiritual fervor is what make an Indian a true Indian. We should feel proud that under the huge influence of western lifestyle and overall environment of consumerism, people of india have faith in its cultural values and always show concern for it whenever need arises. Youngsters who are  the most vulnerable part of society show a very balance attitude between traditions and modernity. Also spread this message all around the world that Indians never lose its unique values and nature….and always try to remain happy under every circumstances.  Salute to India and Indians.

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