Monday, September 3, 2012

Environment...and people.

Today I am going to share some knowledge related to extreme weather phenomena we are facing on regular basis these days. Extreme weather phenomena basically means happening of different weather components like rainfall , winds, snowfall, heat, cold etc at its extreme level(including its irregularities and uncertainties), i.e. too large or too small. Around the world in different intensity we can observe glimpses of this phenomenon which cause enormous damage to life and property. More frequent storms, short but heavy downpour (including cloud burst) and consequent flooding, frequent heat strokes and famine like condition are quite conspicuous. Now question arises, whether these phenomenas are natural process of earth balancing or they are new, of this age only. For this I want to clarify that even with such level of scientific and technological development our knowledge related to weather and climatic elements is limited and have many flaws in it. Whatever knowledge we have point us towards increasing industrialization and urbanization and their consequent high level of pollution as the basic cause behind these changes in overall environment. Increasing emission of carbon dioxide, sulfure dioxide, methane, chloro-floro carbon etc cause different  atmospheric disabilities like global warming, depletion of ozone layer, extreme weather, etc. But scientific studies have contradictions regarding these findings, and one circle of researchers have the opinion that all these changes in atmosphere is a part of natural process, and is self balancing and wouldn’t  rise to a level non survival to human being. Hence many developed countries led by USA hesitate to sign any treaty that binds them to cut their emission level and impede their rate of development. Nobody knows who is in the right track, but one thing is clear may be this pollution and contamination level doesn’t have the potential to cause the end of this planet in recent future, but is enough to destroy the daily life of ordinary people. Now it is difficult to believe what we eat, drink or take as medicine, will make us better or have negative affect on our body. So please think about these, and spread this message that perhaps at individual level we can’t stop disaster to happen, but at least we can, as far as possible, try to save natural resources, make minimum level of pollution and contribute towards the safety of overall  environment; to make this planet earth a better place to live.

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