Saturday, September 29, 2012


What happened in these two days, is quite similar to what I said earlier. Film Burfi, is certainly an amazing flick, as it contained the right combination of love, emotions, and one of the finest Indian actor ranbir kapoor. With all these, director has done what should be done with a masterpiece. Considering this it is already announced as india’s entry to the Oscars in the foreign film category. But a masterpiece must be unique in itself. There emerge a controversy that its many characters and scenes were copied from Hollywood movies. Videos of its evidence is running quite popularly in youtube. Though i know the story is awesome, original and expressive, but how could (with huge disappointment), such a film could get an award in Hollywood, when it is found to be copied from their own movies. In an earlier article dated 27 jan'12 I wrote about this tendency of Indian cinema. I am passionate about cinema and want to see bollywood at par in creativity with other nations, but may be I am desiring more. In the second case I am pointing towards team india’s uncertain performance in T-20 worldcup. In one match against  England india performed amazingly well, even its not so good bowlers, unmatched the opponents and got them bowled all out in just 90 runs. But in the very next match of it in super-8 against Australia, india let them win by 9 wickets, showing very poor performance. I must say they have no heart in breaking hearts of millions of its poor fans and viewers in india. As I said in my article dated 27 aug'12 team india’s performance is completely influenced by fate much more then what it should be. I hope people would agree with me keeping their emotions aside that two most loved things in india, cinema and cricket, is not showing the kind of effort and sincerity in fulfilling peoples rising expectations from them. If the things wouldn’t be changed for good, may be one day these fields of entertainment would feel the problem of depression or meltdown and have to search something for their existence.

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