Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Reservation: menace of modern society.

New definition of Aarakshan(reservation) is, “a political game which is played politically for the sake of politicians against nation’s integrity only for some short term political end”. neeraj. Originally constitution of India provided for reservation as an affirmative step to promote socially and educationally backward section of society, for the period of 10 years. But by regular amendments in the constitution this provision of reservation is extended just to sustain easy vote bank in the elections. Now after more then 65 years of independence, we all know that problem of untouchability is the thing of past, except in some very remote areas where SC’s are in minority. Generally each community is accepted by assimilative nature of Indian society and its people. Now benefits of reservation far outweigh its side effects in the form of increasing hatred, heartburning, enmity, and widening of general divisions in society. Also different communities take support of illegal bandhs and  violence to get their name notified in the list of SC’s. Pathetic! Once there was a time when people due to social discrimination try to hide their caste name and now they proudly demand benefits for them, as a right, as we have seen in the case of jats, gujjars and meenas. I am personally not against the policy of reservation when it is given with good intent. Now we have seen that benefits basically meant to support the backwards in society is actually being taken by most privileged section of these communities. Solution is quite simple and straight, reservation should be given on economic basis instead of caste one so that economically nonprivileged  section of society (even of high caste) without any discrimination, gets the benefit. This way once a person gets the benefits of reservation and his family comes in the privileged group automatically his claim would get lost for future benefit. This way question of reservation on the basis of religion would also get automatically resolved as it would be on the basis of economic status of the person not his religion. This is not only my view it is supported by majority of experts but unfortunately till now it doesn’t comes under the cabinet agenda. So please think about it and make a common stand in society against caste based reservation.

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