Friday, September 7, 2012

Not again!

Today I get up with the news, that there is going to be held foreign minister level talk between India and Pakistan……..Not again! Problems between India and Pakistan is not new, and we have talked hundreds of time with the hope of easing our tensions (with the help of different strategies, including people to people contacts , media and trade relations, friendly train and bus service, and cricket) but nothing really worked. There always struck historic emotions(especially defeat in bangladesh war) of gaining and losing between our relations with Pakistan. Pakistan also knew that it has loosen behind India in the race of overall development. Whatever progress they achieved has invested in feeding communal forces, terrorism, intelligence conspiracies and much dreaded arms race with India. After capturing around 1/3rd of Kashmir in the war of 1948 itself, diplomacy of Pakistan still stuck around issues of Kashmir, sir creek (marshy area along Pakistan-Gujrat border), some rivers flowing through northern india etc, which they point out for infiltrations and shameful terrorist attacks, which cause hundreds of lives in india. I am not getting much deeper in the politics of Kashmir(which consist of jihadis, separatist and communal forces, incompetent governments and development issues,etc), as I think it is our internal matter and once Pakistan give us free hand in tackling these issues without their interference and support to traitors, we shall easily see a progressing and democratic kashmir in recent future. We can observe that these issues have stretched so long that this hatred and suspicion has reached the level of people which is I think is most unfortunate. It is of such nature that beside the politicians, people of both the countries know that these talks aren’t going to give any concrete solutions to our problems with Pakistan. It become a matter of prestige and ego between people of both the countries, against which only strong democratic governments(which is only a hope for Pakistan in recent future) have the courage to adopt some working practical measures. So till then wait and have faith in cricket that it become more friendly and have the potential to make overall atmosphere more cordial, as there is little that the governments are going to do…..

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