Sunday, September 9, 2012

Monetary face of entertainment.

Today in a newspaper I saw an amazing fact about Hollywood movies (or say box office). While our bollywood blockbusters could fetch around Rs 200cr worldwide, these Hollywood hits have the overall collection of around Rs 4000cr. This is the collection of an animated hit of 2012 named “ice ige 4”, what I say about the earnings of “Avengers”, since it is around Rs 8000cr. Though we all know that cost of these Hollywood movies are also very huge but in proportion to their income, I don’t think it is more than 20%. Whatever, the point is, why there is so much flow of money in any activity related to cinema and television. This is a fact that whatever shows on screen become famous and important for society in general and people in particular, but only this doesn't clarify the reason behind this limelight and glamourous shining face of entertainment industry at the world level. On the one hand in this globalized world, these medium of entertainments have the direct sponsorship of corporate houses, while on the other hand, many times it is evident that these have illicit channels of financing and funding, which is considered economic crimes in legal circles. Corporate financers find them safe to invest their black money (mainly generated through tax thefts and evasions), and for entertainment industry it is an easy source of money, even having the potential to absorb the shock of related risk. Therefore right from the production to distribution, we can easily find a direct or indirect nexus between them and corporate houses. Even these days looking upon the great prospects in India, we saw direct involvement or increasing interest of MNC’s and Hollywood companies from entertainment industry in Indian market. Let see what color it gives to the colorful field of entertainment in India…….. we only hope that creativity of entertainment sector wouldn’t be lost in this race of money and market.

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