Saturday, September 1, 2012

Be generous...

This is amazing that country in which around 50% of world’s poor live have some richest temples having daily collection of about INR 2crore. I know that almost we all have this information. But I am discussing some interesting topics which showcase our blind respect and influence of religion in our minds. Practically looking upon things of our daily life, we found that in the name of religion we generously offer gifts to temples and their so called representatives (often called as pandas) but hesitate in giving five rupee to the elderly and disabled poor people sitting around temples. This we do to project this point that looking upon the booming economic status of India we must not have such dent of begging in our society. This is absolutely correct in one sense, but we must have to accept this as a side affect of inequality that is growing day by day, and our apathetic attitude towards poor and poverty in society. In the same theme it is found that in the mall culture we unhesitatingly buy stuffs from air conditioned showrooms in a fix price, but often we found affluent people arguing with poor vendors sometimes for 5 or 10rs. And feel very bad and being cheated when found that somebody got the same stuff in lesser prices. We all know that this is not a big deal and by charging you more price he is not going to rich, so may be we should look upon this as our contribution to their hardwork and labour. Similarly we feel uncomforted in giving money charged by local people for their labour (whether unskilled or skilled), and ready to pay company technicians even if they overcharged you. By these examples I am focusing upon the point that under the impact of globalization poor have to work very hard to earn their livelihood respectfully, so we should respect their labour and service and mustn’t base our bahaviour upon their financial condition and status. Their labour is very important both for the future of bulging cities and diminishing agriculture in rural areas, otherwise in recent future we see that like western countries service of human hands become very costly and rare. So think about it and try to be more generous with the poor…….swami ramkrishna paramhans once said that “service of man is similar to service of God”.

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