Wednesday, September 5, 2012

People's parliament !

Today I am not talking about any dirty political issue….. I am just mentioning the process to amend the Indian constitution. For different kind of subjects there are different processes of amendment. Also it is important to mention that since almost all the acts of government are subject to judicial review, they have to make it very clear that they are not trying to amend anything, which is against the critical lenses of supreme court (which is basically based on the theme that, fundamental rights and basic structure of constitution must not be hurt). Upon such conditions under our constitution, there are many provisions which the Indian parliament could amend like any other simple law, ie. by majority voting of the present members of parliament. While there are many others, mainly those which have affect on the fundamental rights of people, centre- state relations, powers of judiciary etc, for which after taking 2/3rd majority voting of total members of both the houses of parliament individually, the bill have to be consented by more than 50% of state assemblies of India. That is the reason why though in lok sabha governments due to its majority could able to pass the bill (with the help of party whip)even against huge opposition, but have to bow down in rajya sabha (as due to its composition state governments or say oppositions have more strength in it), as we have seen recently in the case of women’s reservation bill and lokpal bill. All this I think is sufficient for you to understand that in this era of collision government, how difficult it is to amend any provision of constitution, which have no consensus. This is mainly to protect the integrity of Indian constitution against the evil motives of some undemocratic government actions. Hence under such circumstances it becomes more important for governments to impress and have faith and respect of people through their good and sincere work and effort, for their own survival. But unfortunately even now Indian politics is reeling around evil and destructive issues of casteism, regionalism, communalism, etc instead of “development” which ultimately matters the people’s life. Think about it and try to keep ourself above such nonsense and stupid things…….and develop a progressive attitude for the creation of an actual democratic society.

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