Monday, April 5, 2010

Poverty & Hunger

These days poverty & hunger again picked up its due credit in political & administrative circles in particular & public in general.Though they are hot issues ever since the creation of civilization , it became a responsibility, to reduce poverty & hunger since the coming of modern government, infused with democratic principles, in political spheres. Whatever, it is a fact that peace, harmony & social order could be dreamed of only, when everybody get livelihood freedom beside social & economic one. Dignified life is the part & parcel of right to life & personal liberty, enshrined in the constitution .And dignity could only be maintained when each, & every people got equal opportunities to build its capacity in its fullest potential. Which in turn need much more than square meals, clothes & shelter. Affordable quality education(from bottom to high level), public health care system, non discriminatory employment, effective judicial system, honest public delivery system, etc, are some of the important components of quality life, which is the right of every citizen of a country like INDIA. So enacting Right to education act, & proposal of Food security bill ,aren't enough to solve long pending problems of human deprivation on the one hand & societal shame on the other(like death related to malnutrition, debt related suicide , infant & maternal mortality , drinking water infected with poisonous contaminants , to name a few).Even then it is a positive step forward in a right direction. Besides some policy level issues in both food & education bills, which need a wide ranging public debate before its finalization, it is very important to set up a proper mechanism to monitor the implementation & evalution of these policies in letter & spirit. Beside political & administrative will, active participation of people at each & every stage is pertinent to actually realize the benefit of these legislative enactments. We must ensure that, this time these initiatives won't be marred by corrupt intents engulfing the whole system from top to bottom, and the benefits reach the deserved millions. Lets hope this affirmation wouldn't become mere suggestion in the shape & form of legislation.

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