Friday, January 27, 2012

Fate of Indian Cinema

Today lets reflects about the condition of CINEMA, which is considered a very good medium to reflect the condition of society and its various components. INDIAN cinema has a long history originated long before its own independence(under constrained environment of imperialism, within british indian government), and has been fulfilling in a quite successful manner the role it supposed to play. In a more or less gradual terms it has been growing its width and depth, to reach various strata and levels of society. Now question arises then why, it has not shown the kind of diversity, creativity, autonomy, innovation, technical advancement, etc; which it should have after 64 years of freedom from the shackles of colonialism? why, instead of progressing in a positive direction, it is retreating in the direction of so many, remakes(even from least creative south indian fantasy movies, beside hollywood movies and its own blockbuster hits )? Why, (beside giving so much importance to academy awards) it has to wait so eagerly to announce any INDIAN name in the OSCARS ceremony? Why. In the country of kalidas and tansen, why, creativity and real art wouldn't emerge from its roots and branches. Whether we are degraded in this field, or under some negative influences, moving in a direction, which finally take us towards destruction. Lets think about it...

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