Monday, October 1, 2012

Remembering Mahatma gandhi and Shastri ji..

We all are aware with the birth anniversary of mahatma Gandhi ie on 2nd October may be because we got a national holiday this day. And perhaps doesn’t remember the birth or death anniversary of bhagat singh, subhash Chandra bose, azad, vallabh bhai patel, etc, since they didn’t get the privilege of any holiday or highlighted functions. Lal bahadur shastri was also a leader who got much deserved attention may be due to the fact that his birthday matches with mahatma gandhi’s birth anniversary or may be due to the reason that he was the only prime minister outside the congress dynastic leadership who came from a rural family and showed immense potential as a leader of the nation. At the time when india is facing severe leadership crisis in the midst of 100s of political party, remembering shastri ji is quite worthy and relevant, since we are in a dire need of a leader like shastri ji who got respect and support from length and breadth of the country. Coming to the virtues and philosophies of mahatma Gandhi, we all know that they are considered as practically irrelevant in most of the circles of society and hence is almost forgotten, only discussed and remembered in national holidays like today. Whatever…. Anna hazare recently in his movement against corruption in the favour of strong lokpal , showed the nation that teachings of mahatma are quite viable and useful even these days in arousing spirit of nationalism and brotherhood for a common cause among people. Though finally government and administration proved to be much tougher to concede to their demands as compared to the colonial one, as their clever and shameless attitude far outweigh their british counterpart. This is because of the reason that now parties are governing the country with much more confidence and courage( now people have no other choice but to accept their way of governance) which mass politics and democracy gave to them, as compared to their british counterpart. The verdict is, country is suffering…….. and future is uncertain. Everyday politics is becoming a matter of concern and is discussed much more everywhere, but in vain. Today arvind kejariwal is going to announce his party’s details, and would try to give an alternative in this war of politics. I hope his party get the support of at least politically awared section of society and maintain the integrity and competence, which is the basis of their movement against corruption. And finally we see the realization of swaraj in real sense which was once envisioned and conceived by mahatma Gandhi.


Rohit Sahu said...

bhagat singh ke janm din or maran din dono me saaskiye avkash hona chahiye.

Jeevan said...

I don't think Arvind kejriwal can make a change, because we People of India are still lives with the mentality of being ruled and can support Kejriwal, Anna Hajare by doing candle march, But at the time of voting, will again choose one from the political parties only. Need to change a lot but as said by you, current government or political parties are pretty much sure of their survival. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and would like to have more from you.